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Tips on Selecting the Right Masonry Contractor

Masonry Contractor, Torrance, CA Competency and experience are just some of the credentials that you should look for in a masonry contractor. You must ensure that the people working on your property have the required skills and capabilities. Since majority of masonry works are permanent structures, they must be built by expert people. Hiring inexperienced ones may lead to early deterioration of the structures, frequent repairs, costly maintenance works, and accidents. For example, a retaining wall may collapse if it was poorly built or substandard materials were used. In addition, you may not get the kind of amenity that you desire if you hire a novice contractor.

At West Coast Concrete Services, we have the experience and capabilities to work on any type of masonry project. We have decades of experience as a masonry contractor, and our people are some of the finest masons in the state. We guarantee top-notch workmanship and highly personalized customer service that you can't get from other local service providers. Moreover, our works are known for their sturdy construction and aesthetic appeal. If you want to see our complete portfolio, please call us at (310) 466-4456. We serve the cities of Los Angeles, Long Beach, Torrance, Anaheim, Redondo Beach, Irvine, Carson, Lakewood, Santa Monica, and Laguna Beach, CA.


Home construction and other types of property improvement projects involve various types of custom masonry works. These include construction of concrete features in indoor areas, such as interior walls, flooring, countertops, and fireplace surrounds. Meanwhile, the outdoor masonry features include patios, outdoor kitchens, retaining walls, garden paths, concrete fences, sitting areas, pool decks, and fire features. These projects must be handled only by a qualified masonry contractor to ensure the durability and aesthetic appeal of each structure.

Stone Mason

Masonry is a specialized field that requires proper training and certification. If you need a masonry contractor, make sure that the company has a licensed stone mason. A licensed mason can work on all types of masonry works and knowledgeable of various construction methods and techniques. You can also expect fast and accurate installation of the features and amenities in your property. A stone wall, for example, will not only make the outdoor area more attractive but also safer because of reliable installation.

Masonry Repair

Concrete and other types of masonry features in your property are subjected to wear and tear. They may deteriorate sooner or get damaged due to constant use. When these happen, call a specialist to perform masonry repair jobs. Immediate repair is needed to prevent further damage to the structure. For example, broken pavers must be replaced to avoid causing tripping accidents. This will also affect the aesthetics of the structure or feature. Other issues that must be repaired immediately are cracks in concrete driveways, sagging retaining walls, and setting paver walkways.

Masonry Construction

Selecting the most qualified company to handle your masonry construction project is not easy. You need to look at the credentials of each contractor to determine its qualifications and capabilities. Aside from the expertise, you should also consider the resources of your chosen service provider. Most masonry works require the use of specialized tools and heavy-duty equipment. If your contractor can't provide these resources, look for another one.

But why burden yourself with the tedious selection process if you can just hire us at West Coast Concrete Services? We are the leading masonry contractor in the state for several years now, and we continue to provide excellent customer service. Please call us now so we can discuss your masonry project.

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