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Hardscape Articles

Best Applications for Brick Work

In this article we would like talk about Brick Work. There is no doubt that brick has been one of the most widely used building materials for a very long time. Brick is produced to be a strong and durable material and it also so versatile. It’s not just used as housing bricks, nowadays; there are so many more applications for brick. One of the best paving products on the market are brick pavers. We have created some beautiful brick paver patios, driveways and walkways!
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Top 3 Types of Stone Work

Stone is a lovely material for any landscaping or hardscaping project such as a patio, driveway, pool surrounds, outdoor kitchen or water feature. Nowadays you have many more options for a stone look other than using natural stone, which can be quite costly. You can find concrete pavers that mimic the look and feel of natural stones with the same durability at a more affordable price point!
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Types of Block Walls for your Garden

One of the very many types of retaining wall structures is of course a block wall. This type of wall is constructed using blocks. These blocks are generally made from concrete to imitate the look of natural stone boulders but at a much more affordable price point with much the same durability and aesthetic appeal. If this sounds good to you then talk to one of our team members today for more information on block walls!
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Tips on Selecting the Right Masonry Contractor

In this article we at West Coast Concrete Services would like to provide you with some valuable information for selecting a masonry contractor. Masonry is widely used in the landscaping and hardscaping industries and it does take skill and a lot of experience to get it right. We offer our clients premium craftsmanship and guarantee that our results will amaze and delight you!
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Benefits of a Paver Driveway

When it comes to paver driveways we at West Coast Concrete Services are the best company for the job. In this article we would like to provide you with some information on pavers and how ideal they are as a driveway surface material. You will see that they have so many benefits which make them a great choice for your next driveway project! Contact us for any other questions you may have about paver driveways.
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Concrete Driveway Material Options

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with exceptional concrete services including concrete driveways. Our teams of contractors have all the experience and knowledge to transform the look of your driveway or give you a beautiful new driveway for your new home. No matter what the case may be we will give you the driveway of your dreams!
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