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Stamped Concrete

Who doesn't want great-looking flooring? If you are aiming for a dramatic impression on your driveways, patios, pool decks, sidewalks, or interior flooring - a stamped concrete floor is the way to go. This flooring material is good for accentuating your house or building without spending a lot.

It can resemble just about any building materials that are too expensive. Some of the patterns and textures a stamped concrete can imitate are flagstone, brick, stone, tile, slate, and even wood. With its versatility for a custom flooring, what more can you ask for?

Various Designs of Stamped Concrete

The sky is the limit when it comes to design options for stamped concrete. The local hardware store or your contractor can provide you with samples and information on the wide selection of patterns that can be made out of stamped concrete. We at West Coast Concrete Services can help you choose the best-stamped concrete for you. We will take into consideration the surrounding areas of your dwelling so that we can come up with the most cohesive design. Of course, the last say is up to you – so we will provide you with several options that you can choose from.

Stamped Concrete Works that Meets your Budget

A proper dye and stamp plus the help of an experienced professional are all you need for a great-looking stamped concrete flooring. You also get to decide on the color to meet your exact specifications and preferences. If you have a hefty budget, you can opt for colored concrete – this makes the work much faster and easier. But if you are working around a budget, it is highly suggested that you purchase a plain concrete and just dye it. If you worry about a color fade-out on your stamped concrete flooring, there's no need to worry about it.

Minimal Maintenance Cost for Stamped Concrete

West Coast Concrete Services uses only the best standards of procedures to ensure excellent results that will last for a long time. The color hardeners used in stamped concrete are of high quality and highly resistant to frequent climate changes. Just make sure that you have your stamped concrete sealed every 2 years to extend its pristine condition.

Getting your flooring made of stamped concrete will save you the hassle of pulling out of those pesky weeds that commonly grow on cracks of cobblestones, bricks, and pavers. This is possible because a stamped concrete starts with a slab of concrete – leaving a continuous and solid surface that is free of cracks. Even though the final design of your stamped concrete has "cracks", those are just impressions and do not really go through the soil.

There are 7 major steps in preparing and processing the stamped concrete. If you are thinking of getting a DIY job on this, please don't. Leave those to the professionals and spare yourself of frustration and potential disappointment.

Why West Coast Concrete Services?

There are special tools that are used in executing stamped concrete, and the stamping of designs requires meticulous skill and an eye for art. A normal setup normally requires four people to complete the floor work. Do not worry because we at West Coast Concrete Services have been in the concrete business for a long time.

You will never regret spending every single cent of penny because we only strive for excellence and quality work.

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