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Concrete Driveways

Concrete Driveways, Torrance, CA A driveway is one of the first things that visitors to your home notice. In many ways this is what they base their first impression on. Your driveway is also exposed to the elements sees a lot of foot and vehicle traffic and must be installed well with durable material. Since you will not be changing the driveway too often, it goes without saying that you will want the installation to be made with material that is tough and hardy and long-lasting too.

In addition to this you want to be sure that the driveway matches the aesthetics of your home. We at West Coast Concrete Services understand all these and have installed a large number of concrete driveways on properties across Redondo Beach, Lomita, West Carson, Lawndale, and Carson.

We also a large number of satisfied customers in and around Palos Verdes Estates, Hermosa Beach, Alondra Park, Manhattan Beach and Gardena and have helped create outdoor spaces that add to the curb appeal of these properties.

Concrete Driveway Installation

When we are installing concrete paver driveways, we keep a number of aspects in view such as:

  • The length of the driveway
  • Size of the entire installation
  • The color of the concrete
  • Whether you want it stamped or you prefer paving
  • The aesthetics of your home
  • Materials used in the rest of the landscaping
  • Your design requirements
  • Your budget

Why Opt for a Concrete Driveway?

We know that your driveway has to bear climatic changes, oil spills as well as tire tracks on its surface. With all this in view we always recommend that our customers opt for Concrete Driveways. There are a number of advantages to using this material;

  • Durability - A concrete installation is highly durable and can last for a number of years. In addition, these driveways reduce erosion and help maintain the health of your landscape.

  • Maintenance - This is a very low maintenance material and all you need to do is pressure-wash it occasionally and keep it clear of debris and dirt.

  • Appearance - One of the main reasons why concrete paving is so popular is because it provides design versatility. You can opt for stamped concrete driveways which imitate the look of a paving installation.

  • Costing - The amount you pay for the driveway will be dependent on its size as well as the design used. If the installation has elaborate saw-cut designs, multiple patterns, textures and borders, it can increase the price of the installation. On the other hand if you opt for a simple, single color stamped concrete service, it will work out cheaper.

Concrete Installation-Variety in Design

As mentioned earlier, concrete is a very versatile material and offers a range of design options such as:

  • Stamped Concrete
  • Colored Concrete
  • Sawed and Grooved
  • Pavers

When you opt for our services you are assured of the highest grade materials and the best workmanship. Call West Coast Concrete Services at 310-466-4456. You can also use this contact us form to connect with us.
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