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Concrete Block

Nothing beats the concrete blocks when it comes to the construction and beautification of walls. Concrete block paving is composed of stone or masses, stone dust and cement. Aggregates, which come from 10mm to 1 mm dust, are used to bind the stone so as to form a denser and sturdier material. The concrete is created once the aggregate and cement are mixed with water.

Once it's done, the color pigment is also made for final colored paving. The different colors bring different styles to these concrete blocks which makes them a top choice for most homeowners. Once they are placed side by side and from the top of each other, the natural sturdy look of the walls is highlighted. In case you are looking for the best concrete block materials and installation services, then you have come to the right place!

Comparing Concrete Blocks from other Materials

Concrete block is a man-made material. Some options are not like it, such as the clay block paving, which is made from naturally occurring clay. But which is better between the two? Clay blocks are sourced usually locally to the manufacturing factory. They have colored clay that is placed into a mold.

The pavers dry out naturally before being placed in an oven that is set at a very high temperature. The process can be clearly compared to how clay pottery operates. The baking of clay pavers makes the pavers and sturdy. Nonetheless, clay pavers will not be as better as concrete blocks for the following reasons:

  1. Clays can be really strong and great for aesthetics. They are not easily stained and are just easy to clean. However they are more expensive than concrete blocks. Also, they are brittle and since they come in different sizes and shapes, they can be hard to use for designs.

  2. Concrete blocks are very practical. Their colors can be mixed with the brindle. Hence, unlike the clay blocks, there is an easy way to match the blocks. However, the installation of concrete blocks needs to include sealing against pollutants and contaminates so they will not easily absorb dirt.

Confused About The Style Of Your Wall?

When it comes to the type of concrete walling, how would you want to have it done? Will you choose concrete blocks or concrete pouring? With regards to the strength of the material, poured concrete is better than concrete block. The former gives a monolithic structure while the latter does not give a uniform appearance; nevertheless, concrete blocks still give nice aesthetics.

In case you are confused about what you will do with your walls, make sure that you call us for consultation. West Coast Concrete Services has been in as much expertise as landscape, masonry, irrigation, demolition, and other concrete services.

Call us for Your Concrete Blocks Requirement

Hence, in any concrete block needs that you are up to today, our company will surely meet your expectations. We only use concrete blocks that meet industry standards. Visit our office at Torrance or call us so that we can discuss your preferences and receive suggestions from us.

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