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Anchor Retaining Walls

Anchor Retaining Walls, Torrance, CA When it comes to architectural stonework in the Upper Midwest, no one does it better than Amcon Concrete Products, LLC. Amcon presently has nine facilities around the area, providing the construction materials sector with quality, support, and innovation. The company offers a range of masonry and wall products, and Anchor is one of its brands. Under this brand, the company manufactures high-quality retaining wall systems that can be used on residential and commercial properties. At West Coast Concrete Services, we design and install the best Anchor Retaining Walls.

Range of Anchor Retaining Wall Products

Since every property is different, it is essential to have various product choices, and you can choose from Anchor Retaining Wall products such as:

Anchor Windsor Stone®

Any garden wall can have a classic look thanks to Anchor's Windsor Stone® retaining wall system's classical face design. The Windsor Stone block is the ideal option for works up to 2 feet high, along with the subsurface section but excluding the cap, since it is lightweight and straightforward to handle. The system is completed with matching caps.

Anchor Highland Stone® Retaining Wall

This multi-piece system, made with a rich, textured finish, blends well with any home or landscape. Anchor’s Highland Stone® retaining wall system mimics the distinctive look of hand-stacked walls by combining various product sizes.

Anchor Highland Stone® Freestanding Wall

The 6" Freestanding Wall by Anchor Highland Stone® is made with a rough surface and rustic tones. Three stone lengths are offered, giving the wall a more natural appearance.

Anchor Sterling™ Wall System

Every landscape may benefit from the versatility of the Sterling wall system. With an easy-to-find pin structure and the retaining wall, installation is straightforward. This unusual block can also be divided in half to create a two-sided block for a freestanding wall system with column units.

Anchor Diamond®

The contractor's preferred method for building retaining walls is the Diamond® system. Shapes with a straight or beveled face give more design options. Additional design flexibility is provided by optional stepping and cap attachments. For a retaining wall that looks good and works well

Anchor Wall Installations

Even with high-quality products like those from the Anchor brand, you still need trained professionals to perform the installation. That's where we come in. Excavation is often needed for site development and leveling. After the excavation is complete, it will require further structural support. Before building retaining walls, we make sure the terrain is level. We only work with the best retaining wall products from reputable companies like Anchor Wall Systems that make the walls more durable and long-lasting. We will base the design of these elements on the needs of our clients.

High Grade Anchor Retaining Wall Installations
We can turn retaining walls into multifunctional features by adding components with built-in seating or planting features. Additionally, if your landscape is tiered, we can construct walls to divide the various levels. These structures will serve their objectives effectively for many years thanks to our careful planning. We offer you high-quality Anchor Retaining Wall products backed by our outstanding retaining wall expertise. No matter how big or small the project, we can help.

We are experts in every facet of masonry design and construction. Our company can assist you with your Anchor retaining wall construction requirements whether you are remodeling your backyard or creating a new tiered landscape. We can construct retaining walls in every size, shape, or style you can think of. We also work to complete jobs correctly the first time, ensuring our work's quality. When you select us for the design and construction of the retaining walls, you can relax knowing that they will last the test of time.

For more details about Anchor Wall installation, please call West Coast Concrete Services at 310-466-4456. You can also send us your queries and service requests via this Online Form.

Anchor Wall Systems products can help you build a variety of retaining walls to beautify your property.

Anchor Wall Systems Retaining Walls
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