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Block Walls

Block Walls, Torrance, CA When it comes to the construction of retaining walls on your property, it’s important to keep in mind that these features help maintain the integrity of the landscaping. They are extremely important to provide support to slopes on the property and prevent soil erosion too. We at West Coast Concrete Services have built Block Walls on properties across Palos Verdes Estates, Hermosa Beach, Alondra Park, Manhattan Beach and Gardena.

There are a number of different types of retaining walls and the type we build will be dependent on the soil conditions and grading on the property are. Without any retaining walls, there is a possibility that your backyard will erode and soil will spill onto the driveways and walkway. The one way to prevent this is to erect very strong retaining walls.

We have handled a number of these projects on properties in and around Redondo Beach, Lomita, West Carson, Lawndale, and Carson. The one way to ensure the strength of the walls is to use the best quality, resilient materials. We focus on providing our customers value for money and ensure that the workmanship is top-of-the-line too. The Block Wall Design that we create will keep in view a range of aspects such as the styling of the different elements in the landscape and your home.

What are Block Walls?

These walls are made of concrete masonry units that form very strong walls. Today, concrete retaining wall installation is becoming increasingly popular among residential and customers. The one reason for this is that they are highly affordable and the installation is easy. While not everyone finds the design of these walls very appealing, it’s possible to make them look better by adding brick/stone veneer to their surface.

Some Facts about Block Walls

  • These walls are easy to maintain as well as repair. In case there is any crack or damage, simple sealing or filling can help.
  • It’s possible to repair the wall by replacing the damaged unit too
  • You can find concrete blocks that have attractive facing options. This provides design flexibility and you can create the look you want on your property.
  • The retaining walls made with these blocks are very strong. These are dry-stacked and then interlocked with pins. These installations typically don’t need any frost footings.
  • In most instances, the structure is a mortarless one
  • You can choose from a variety of colors, size and texture options. There is no color variation across units of a similar colors
  • You can also find detailing such as insets and stripes as well as a number of special accents

If you want resilient and well-engineered block walls on your residential or commercial property, West Coast Concrete Services is the company to call. You are assured of the best, customized solutions at the most cost-effective price points. For more information about retaining walls and other services we provide, call us at 310-466-4456. You can also use this contact us form to connect with us.
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